Kids are the ultimate explorers, where everything is new, mud is interesting, and satisfying curiosity is worth getting a few scratches.  The Cubs range of children’s  amenities is geared especially to these little pioneers in mind.  For the first time, kids are able to enjoy the luxury their parents do, as Cubs is the first hospitality brand to cater to the
very different needs of children on holiday.

The Cubs products are 100% natural and naturally derived.  No artificial colourants or fragrances have been used.  Instead the range is scented with mild flavours, which all transforms into a gentle range of bath & body products for kids.

Cubs Bath and Body Products Available in 50ml and 5L Bulk Refill
• Shampoo • Conditioner • Bubble Bath • Body Wash • Body Lotion
Towelling Slippers
Keep little feet comfortable.
Available in small and medium sizes.

Nostalgic memories are born through sight and scent.  With both the kids and parents needs met, as well as some decadence added (one is on holiday after all), you’re set to make some exciting new memories.
BEE Accredited Our SPF products are recognised by the Cancer Association of South Africa as protection against the harmful effects of the sun