Our PET amenity plastic containers are of the highest quality and endurance. We encourage the purchase of empty containers, so the longevity of these products can be extended to their full potential.

Should a component, like the pump dispenser or caps be damaged through use, our
customers may order these items separately, instead of replacing the whole unit.

The saying "buy bulk and save" certainly has relevance. Purchase your Bath & Body
products in bulk, and refill as and when required, instead of purchasing filled containers. To
ensure that replenishment is effected hygienically and efficiently, use a 5L pump dispenser.

Consider installing our elegant stainless steel dispensers for Bath & Body
Products. Not only is it cost-effective, but it eliminates the need to restock
individual containers. More importantly, it will save landfills millions of
plastic amenities bottles each year.

It is interesting to note that discarded plastic that is recycled is ingeniously used to make
park benches, roof insulation, polyester carpets, fibre for pillows, quilts and clothing, and
even X-ray film and ribbon for VCR and cassettes. Besides the innovation aspect of creating
new products, the recycling industry continues to create employment.


















BEE Accredited Our SPF products are recognised by the Cancer Association of South Africa as protection against the harmful effects of the sun